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Long at War, Long at Peace

by Blake Charleton

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sky of green 02:46
Now I dream as your eyes make my scene sky of green paralysed in the sea girls I've known my whole life from a to z there is no one quite like you meant for me first i"ll be what youd like me to be now i see what ud want me to see girls i've known my whole life from a to z there is no one quite like you meant for me and it feels so nice just to hold you and know you care ( i know you care) I'll sing it loud sing it proud sing together everywhere with you girl
goin' down 02:01
goin down to buy a diamond ring for the thing i want to give my life its not hard no its not sad to spend our lives feelin glad sold my soul to rock n roll long times past gotta let that go now i'll spend my whole life tryin to relearn things that i forgot goin down to buy a diamond ring for the thing i want to give my life
chasin the dream learnin to swim upstream huggin the tide fightin the life i lead payin my dues nothin to lose it seems jumped off a cloud cut through the mornin dew I jumped off a cloud tryin to land by you its a long way down i hope that your love is true help me out baby wont you shine that light? help me out im fallin through the dark black night well i knew i could trust you i see it i'll be home soon
nobody knows you boy (hangin all around on your own) nobody knows you boy (playin that guitar on your own) nothings happening someone tell me when will my life begin on the road take some control there boy (you can make it all on your own) take some control there boy ( roll it down the ally of gold) cut my heart out rip my eyes- i could not be less surprised here it comes there it goes-whyd it pass me i don't know guess im too tall or not that bright or just another pitch black night here it comes there it goes whyd it pass me KNOWBODY KNOWS YOU BOY!!!!!
make meat 01:14
to side step or crawl you have to first learn to talk to make meat oh-you have to first make war and your no little boy you can make break search and destroy and your grandfather told you there is no one else like you
where is love does it fall from skys above is it underneath the willow tree that ive been dreaming of where is she who i close my eyes to see will i ever know the sweet hello thats meant for only me whos to say where she may hide must i travel far and wide till i am beside the someone who i can mean something to where is love?
father wind 02:37
cryogenically frozen the international man of misery a little boy in your big world I'll build me another time machine cause this one just aint working i haven't seemed to learn one thing so i call on the friend, but she don't know who I am so i call on the friends they don't know where to begin oh ho ho
hiding behind columns in the peristyle I've been hankering to kiss your face at the nave when i say " I'll love you down to the grave" Mistress of the sea on dry land your legs are fetters to your swim and your sense to bland your nose can't tell the oceans calling you back home 'come back home"


released November 11, 2011

Album Art by: Jesse Dittmar


all rights reserved



Blake Charleton Brooklyn, New York

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