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Winter Hearse

by Blake Charleton

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well i dont mind getting stoned and looking out windows from inside my home yeah its so cool to feel low down warm numb and useless just like a clown in a summer gown It might be a bad idea to keep this movin might be a bad idea to never grow up i just cant let go no more It open up I sank right in blastin outta the casket when it opens up blastin outta the casket i sank right in I've got to get away now that winters come I'm kickin like a shell from a vintage gun I can get there soon if i start to run Im lookin for the place underneath the sun
Mr. Mouse 05:02
what are you lookin for? what are you lookin for? there on the ground...... please tell me what you see.. please tell me what you see inside that hole the mouse runs out of his hole I let him bring the cheese to his family excuse me Mr. Mouse but would you please come out please come and have some tea please come sit here with me please be my friend please tell me what its like oh just to go outside I've never been The mouse calls me towards the door the sun soaks up my soul look at the sky! it's blue and white what will come next? how will I survive? look at the sky! it's blue and white what will come next? how will we survive?
I'm in the old brown hotel
she fly's with me 1 2 3 she falls with me back into the normal spin of things her memory again back into the normal spin of things
going out.................................. i'm going out the window baby
Mole St. 05:30
here she comes all flashing neon lights you don't know to turn left or right she comes up to you asks you for some change some food some drugs a place to stay... but you just run- run run run till your safe safe and warm you just run till your nice nice and bored here on Mole St. ooh fuck------ whoo hoo on Mole st. kids get hit by cars ( its true) on mole st. my neighbors behind bars-gotta neighbor named jabar on mole st. you'l get mugged with a knife at 5 am with friends come over tomorrow we'll do it again we'll do it again on Mole St. and i almost feel like going home but its oh so far away i almost feel like coming home but its oh so so far away I almost feel like comin home dad, but it's oh so far away on Mole St.
Lose My Name 03:56
On the last day of my everything I'll lose my name find my new way
still awake as the birds are spreading their wings wish i knew a night bird who'd stay up with me he would be so white so i could see him fly through the night he would swoop down turn me into a bird like him cause he knows all i do is get high and sing in the night he knows im not happy with this mind in this body that can never set it self free only cause misery i dont know if i wanna stay here I don't know if i'm ready to fly i dunno if im supposed to still be here i dont know if im ready to die
It's funny how a speck of sunlight on a railing makes me feel like you're right there, I should feel like running but it's warm and your memory makes me Happy in my mind you dance in and out of this world for a tender youth of eight-teen you are my great grandmother you're already passed on to the next life tell me what happens next for me How many more times must I get my heart ripped open "half fast" Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance? I never wish to see your face again unless it's pressed against mine! From home you're just a phone call away and so far nothin' Happy by myself throwin' parties Happy by myself throwing parties for imaginary elves who take me to a land of old houses in my winter hearse drive through blouses of last chances distant dim glances!


released November 11, 2011


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Blake Charleton Brooklyn, New York

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